Urban Vibe by I Got Soul Fizz Bar


Friday August 29th, 2020

Fizz Bar

5pm -10pm maybe later

Fizz Bar-UKG-A4
Terms & Conditions

I Got Soul operates a zero tolerance drugs policy at any of its events. We reserve the right to withhold the refund of any admission fee if for any reason security ask you to leave the premises through any drug issues.

Event Info.

Bank Holdiday special!!!
Urban Vibe Ravers!!!!!! Lets go!!!!
Djs Trigga JayCee B Dj Emz Mc Perch Stylus Mc Tizzy J
Fizz Bar ‘Formerly Zia Maria’ London Road Ascot SL5 7DR
Outside raving under cover👍 Socially distanced
5pm – 10pm could be later

It is essential if you attend the garden party ‘at the Fizz Bar that you keep to social distance guidance, remain in your personal ‘Bubble’ and respect the distance of your fellow people. There is plenty of space, remember the virus has not gone, stay alert, keep your distance, save lives!🙏

UKG House RnB Funky House, tables booked in advance, 2 marquess, big garden and Car park area, £20 tables seat 4

  • London Road Ascot SL5 7DR

  • Ticket Price

    £20 tables seat 4

over 25's

Fizz Bar-UKG-A4

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